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Who is Zarit

Our weight loss team is lead by Zarit Pedraza, a weight loss specialist with over 20 years of experience in the field. As a child, teenager, and young adult Zarit struggled with weight loss herself. She understood the plight of those who try and don’t succeed, and so she set out to seek a permanent solution for herself and those who suffer from weight related illnesses. In 1996 Zarit got her first job with a large chain weight loss center that focused on calorie intake, and how to lower body mass index. She quickly took leadership roles in the company and strived for optimum customer success. Through one-on-one counseling Zarit realized that although her client’s intentions were in the right place, they weren’t reaching results quickly enough. The company she worked for promoted bars, shakes, and supplements that halted client success. This encouraged Zarit to heighten the standard of her work and soon she started her own practice where she solely relied on healthy food to improve the lives of her clients.

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What is Sure Weight Loss

Throughout her career Zarit has emphasized the importance of nutrition for a well-balanced life. She has aided patients with life altering diseases like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, fatty liver disease, and many others. Zarit has helped expecting mothers through the course of their pregnancy by preparing personalized menus that selectively target deficiencies or nutrient imbalances. And also helps clients who seek a healthier and preventive way of life through proper diet.

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Why Choose Us

Why Sure Weight Loss? In a market that is saturated with nutritional coaches, product specialist, and online health blogs, Sure Weight Loss stands out by providing live support 24/7 right to you via call, text or email. Our specialist work around the clock to cater to all your questions, regardless if its questions about your personalized weekly menu, or what you should eat on a night out. Accessibility to a professional is what makes us standout. Client success is our success and we strive for nothing less.

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